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Why do men cheat on their partners?

This is a question we hear a lot. There’s no one answer to this, unfortunately; there are as many reasons for this phenomenon as there are men who cheat on their partners.

It is all to easy to blame the woman in such cases and people will tell you that you haven’t been doing the things you should for your man because if you had, then he wouldn’t have cheated on you, and while there may be a little truth in this it is undoubtedly not the whole story. Don’t just stand back or lie down and submissively roll over when you are told that if your partner cheats on you then it must be your fault. You are not necessarily to blame.

Some men are naturally not monogamous and cannot commit themselves. They may perhaps grow out of this, but they probably won’t. If your male partner cheats it is because of his lack of ability to commit to a relationship that is entirely monogamous. He wants to see what sex is like with a number of different women, and if he hasn’t had many sexual relationships, he is likely to stray because of his curiosity.

He may feel inferior to his male friends who repeatedly brag about their conquests (which may or may not be real) and feel that he should show them that he can still “pull” even though he is happy with you. If his mates don’t like you, then you will have to face that and work harder to keep your man, if you actually want him that is.

Another reason for a man cheating on you is that if he’s very attractive, there will always be the sort of woman who chases him, and these predatory females often find a man who is with someone else irresistibly attractive, and will do whatever it takes to get him (whether for a one-night-stand or for a permanent relationship). The man is often flattered and his ego will not allow him to pass up an opportunity like that, unless he is a gem of a man that is.

If he cheats on you, it may be that he simply thinks that you will never find out, so what’s the harm? What men in general don’t understand is that women have a “sixth sense” and can almost literally “smell” another woman. They naively think that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. They become confused and defensive when we find out, and then there’s the remorse and guilt and the promises that it won’t happen again. Whether you believe your man or not in this respect is entirely up to you.

Perhaps, though, your partner thinks that you have been taking him for granted, and perhaps you have. If you want to lessen the chances of him cheating on you then let him know how much you appreciate him. Don’t, however allow yourself to become a doormat; he won’t respect you for being passive. Try to keep his interest and make sure he feels secure in the relationship.

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