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Zoosk big $90 million earnings, the most popular dating website worldwide recently announced earnings of over $90 million by growing its annual sales rates by 250% in one year. Premium subscriptions were Zoosk’s major “money makers” and the company announced it will continue to expand globally while now it is present in over 60 countries.

Zoosk has gone through lots of “happenings” in the last year, from turning on the subscriptions to raising $30 million, in general they managed to still remain the “crème-de-la-creme” for the entire online dating niche. Although this dating network does not have many years behind, it has succeed to dethrone very popular dating communities like “Are You Interested” (with $4 million revenues each year) or Spark Networks (which earns half the money Zoosk is making). One thing is sure: Zoosk has become like a legend in the online dating industry and signs are that more are to come.

On the other hand, Zoosk receives hundreds of complaints from angry users not satisfied with its services and still it manages to remain top dating network in terms of members and revenue. The conclusion coming from those complaints is that although Zoosk might not be at higher levels when it comes to customer satisfaction or re-inventing the wheel of online dating, they are a serious player in the dating market and in the end it’s all that matters.

Though free vs paid has been a long debate (and still is) in the dating industry, when comparing revenues like $25 million (from a popular free dating site like Plentyoffish) with $90 million from Zoosk with their paid memberships, it is no wonder that once free dating sites hit a certain level they turn their no-charge services to subscription ones like Zoosk did and it seems that it was the right move to be done, at least in terms of revenue.